What can you expect from Inside Homes if you are selling?

Our Photography

All our properties receive the royal treatment when it comes to ensuring that they look their best for both online and printed advertising. We employ a professional photographer to get the best images and show your home in its best light. What this means is… We are able to attract more potential buyers to your property. The more interested buyers there are in your home, the greater demand there will be for it. The better demand we can generate for your home, the higher and the quicker the offers will come in.

Set For Sale

Inside Homes ensures that your property is not rushed to the market. Instead we meticulously prepare both your property and the marketing materials to make your property stand out from the crowd. What this means is… By working to make your property stand out from the crowd, you will have a far better chance of achieving the best sale price in the shortest time scale.

Property Preparation

It’s the little things that you may not have noticed about your home that may hold it back from achieving what you want it to. At Inside Homes, we can help by introducing our maintenance services, to do all the little jobs you wish you had time for when your home is about to go on the market. As well as recommending the improvements to make, we offer someone to actually do it! What this means is… Potential buyers have far less room to negotiate down on the asking price of your home. By making some small low cost home improvements, you are putting yourself in the strongest negotiating position. By instructing Inside Homes, you can trust that you achieve this.

Personal Services

Estate Agents don’t have a fantastic reputation. It was an honest admission when the directors set the company up, however it was the driver to be different and we see it as an opportunity to stand out. Starting with a blank canvas, we put every aspect of the property industry under the microscope, throwing out much of the old unnecessary pomp and poor practices that lead to excessive hidden charges and sloppy service. Instead we focused on what would really make a great service for buyers and sellers in South Warwickshire. What this means is… Every aspect of the service you receive is personalised to your requirement. From flexible appointments, morning noon and night, to a skilled  and dedicated sales progressor specifically for your sale, Inside Homes is with you every step of your journey.

What can you expect from Inside Homes if you are buying?

An Exceptional Service
If you are buying through Inside Homes, you can be confident you are going to receive the same attentive level of service that your sellers are receiving.
No Papering Over The Cracks
If you are buying your home through Inside Home Estate Agents, you can be confident you are receiving a completely transparent service. We wont hide any important details and hope to provide answers to all of your questions.
No Up Selling
Inside Homes is a dedicated and professional estate agency. We will not try and sell you any additional products or adds ons, such as overpriced mortgages or in adequate home insurance. If you need advice on any aspect of your purchase, we would be delighted to point you in the direction of reputable and reliable companies who may be able to offer you preferential rates by coming though us.   Inside Homes will never make an offer you put on a property conditional on the basis or you buying our additional services.
Transparent Negotiations
If you do make an offer to buy a home Inside Homes is marketing, we promise to be completely transparent about any other interest in the property. We will be upfront throughout the negotiations and not hide anything.

Our Performance Figures

Every agent thinks thinks they are the best, but not all agents are able to back that claim up. At Inside Homes we love stats, not only do we closely track what is happening in the market and the local area, we closely monitor our own performance to make sure our clients are getting the service they deserve.

We believe that the best way to communicate our performance is to publish our data for everyone to see. So we do. Below are our performance statistics for selling.

Average Asking Price Achieved


Customer Satisfaction

  • 5 Star 85%
  • 4 Stars 12%
  • 3 Stars 3%
  • 2 Stars 0%
  • 1 Star 0%

Average Days

To Sell

Average Viewings Before Offer

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