Tenant Fees

There are a number of costs involved in renting a property which are important to be aware of before starting the process.

As part of Inside Homes’s commitment to offer a transparent service with no hidden charges, you can find all the information regarding taking a property through Inside Homes below. There are no hidden extras such as check in fee´s or inventory costs. We would be delighted to discuss any questions you may have, you can do so by calling our office.

Administration Fee

£240/per tenancy
  • Covers administration costs related to producing the tenancy documents and general tenancy administration.

Referencing Fee

£120/1-2 tenants
  • Covers the cost of credit references/checks and associated employment and Landlord checks.

Additional person

(if required)
  • Covers the cost of referencing for each person if there is more than two tenants.


(if required)
  • If applicable, this covers referencing fees and additional administration costs of providing a guarantor deed.

In a typical case, where a couple or an individual are applying for a property, the tenant fee will include the administration fee and the reference fee, the total cost being £360.00.
All properties and circumstances are different and as such, sometimes fees will vary, so please always ask a member of the team.