Rules and How to Play

Register to play

If you haven’t done so already, registration is easy. All you have to do is think of a login name and a valid email address you can register HERE. If you lost your password, get a new one.

Predicting the matches

Predict the end score of all the matches in the competition. You have until 15 minutes before the start of a match to add or change your prediction. As you may have noticed the matches in the next stages are not yet filled at the beginning of the tournament. Once the teams are through to the next round, they will be added. These games can also be changed until 15 minutes before the game starts. If you’re feeling lucky, or worried you might forget, you can predict them now.

The bonus questions

To earn extra points during the tournament, you should answering the bonus questions (if you can). These questions must be answered before the given date and time. Each question shows the points you can earn.

The scoring

The result at the end of the game is used for the calculation players scores. Goals scored in extra time are counted, goals scored in penalty shootouts are not. To get maximum points in a game, you need to predict the correct score for both teams. This is called a “Full Score” and you are awarded [fp-fullpoints]. You can also get points for predicting the correct outcome of a match even if you get the number of goals wrong, i.e you predict the correct winner or a draw, just not the right score line. This is called a toto score. If you got the goals correct for one side but not the other, you get a point, even if you didn’t get the match result correct (e.g. match ends in 1-1 and you predicted 0-1 you will still get [fp-goalpoints] point). The last scoring options is the goal difference bonus: if you predict the correct winner, not the exact score, but you predicted the correct difference in goals, you get the goal difference bonus (e.g. you predicted 3-1 or 4-2 and result is 2-0).

toto score [fp-totopoints]
full score [fp-fullpoints]
goal bonus [fp-goalpoints]
goal difference bonus [fp-diffpoints]
bonus question may be different for every question

If you want to view the ranking, then go to the ranking page.

Same ranking?

When multiple players have the exact same amount of points, then the following sorting rules are applied on the ranking (most important one at the top):

  1. amount of full scores;
  2. amount of toto scores;
  3. amount of correct bonus questions.


Win Drinks at The Black Dog

During the Group stages of the tournament, the player with the most points at the end of the day (typically 3 matches per day) will be emailed a voucher code. During the later stages of the tournament where there are fewer games per day, the player with most points from all of the last 16 matches will receive 2 voucher codes, the player with the most points from the quarter final games will receive 2 voucher codes and the player with the most points from the semi-final and the final matches will be sent 2 voucher codes. The overall winner of the tournament will also be rewarded with 5 voucher codes. 

If that voucher code is brought into the Inside Homes office, it can be exchanged for a valid 1 Free Pint voucher that can be used at the Black Dog in Southam. For players who have more than 1 voucher code, these codes can be exchanged for multiple vouchers. E.g, if you have the most points on two different days during the group stages, you can collect 2 Free Pint vouchers from the Inside Homes office. Or if you are the overall league winner, you will be sent 5 voucher codes and are able to exchange them for 5 Free Pint vouchers. 

Both The Black Dog and Inside Homes have the right to void the voucher at any time.