Our Service

At Inside Homes, we have created a lettings and property management service based around the needs of landlords.

At the heart of the service is the understanding that landlords require both a high quality of tenant and a high level of customer service. This is what we deliver.

With a passion for our local area and years of experience in lettings and property management, we are confident that what we do, and the way that we do it makes us the ideal agent to let or manage your property.

Whether it is our OpenHouse login, our transparent fixed fee structure, our high quality tenants, our letting guarantee, our customer service or our affiliation with industry bodies, we go the extra mile for landlords.

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Our Service


MyProperty File


MyProperty File (coming very soon)

MyProperty file connects tenants seamlessly  with our property managers. It creates a simplified way of tenants managing their important documents, reporting maintenance issues and staying connected when it really matters.

By simplifying and opening up some complicated processes, using the latest technology, we are helping create a much more enjoyable renting experience for tenants.

Watch to find out more.

High Quality Tenants

We know that having tenants that will respect the house and have a sustainable income to pay the rent is essential to landlords. That’s why we focus on being a provider of high quality tenants.

Through both our relationships with local relocation companies and blue chip employers in the area, as well as our wide reaching and proactive property marketing strategies, we are able to secure the types of tenant who you want in your property.

We also have the most professional and diligent tenant referencing process to ensure that the tenants we let to are an ideal match for your house.

Our Referencing

We believe strongly in building long term relationships with landlords. That is why we back up our claims about the quality of tenant with the most comprehensive referencing on the market.

If your tenant gains adverse credit like CCJ’s or declares themselves bankrupt at any point during the tenancy (even years after the tenancy start date) we’ll let you know. We call this Tenant Monitor and it puts the power back into your hands, allowing you to choose to manage the situation in a way that works for you. What we do is refresh the check we have done on your tenant every single month, and let you know if any of the information changes.

We’re so confident with the quality of our checks, that if we say a tenant is acceptable we stand by that decision, so if they stop paying within 12 months of our decision we’ll evict them for you totally free of charge.

You will be provided with detailed report about any perspective tenants including information about their ability to pay their rent long term.

Our Tenants


Our Tenants

Happy Let Guarantee

Our promise is a simple but powerful one. If we recommend a tenant to be suitable and they then do not pay the rent, we will evict them and bear the costs of doing so. Which other agent can offer you such an incredible promise?
Even where tenants sail through the referencing process there is still a risk that at some stage in the future they may be unable to meet the rental obligations if, for example, a relationship breaks down or one of the tenants is made redundant or has an enforced reduction in their contracted hours.
Regardless of the reason for the non-payment of rent, we will fulfill our promise to you.

Here’s how it works…

If a tenant falls into arrears

We will arrange for an experienced person to draft, prepare and serve notice on your tenant. Immediately, they will realise that the landlord is taking the arrears situation seriously and in most cases, this may be all that is required in order to remedy the situation.

If the tenants does not pay in 14 days

We will arrange for a firm of solicitors to draft, prepare and submit papers to the Court to instigate formal legal proceedings to obtain a judgement for the arrears of rent and to secure a possession order on the property.

Should the tenant ignore the solicitor

A date is set to appear before the Judge and one of our appointed advocates will attend the hearing. Invariably, the Court will award the landlord a judgment for the debt and possession of the property

If the tenant has still not budged

On the rare occasion that the tenant is still in occupation beyond the date set by the Court, we will arrange for a bailiff of the Court to physically remove your tenant and return the property back to you.

We’re Mobile


Not only will you be able to find all our properties on any device; mobile, tablet or computer, you will find our professional and experienced agents wherever you are.

We have invested in state of the art technologies and cloud based I.T. systems to ensure that we are able to operate at full capacity whether in our central office, at a our satellite office around South Warwickshire or out and about at viewings or meeting clients. Our process are more up to date, and our systems are sharper, meaning that you receive a much better and efficient service.

We're Mobile

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If you have a property you are considering letting, we would be delighted to come and value it.